Ed Hyde (President, Jesus, CUCC, CURC, CURTC, CURFC, CUAFL), Tony Underwood (St Edmund’s, CURUFC, CUAC, 1990-1992) and Lea Wenger (Ospreys’ President)

In late November, the Clubhouse hosted a talk by Hawk, Tony Underwood. Addressing an audience of Hawks (residents and alumni), Hawks DRC members and Ospreys, Tony focussed on the topic of ‘resilience’ and how to deal with setbacks, with the talk providing some valuable insights into the psychological challenges of dealing with life’s highs and lows. The relaxed and conversational nature of the talk meant that the audience were engaged throughout (with some of Tony’s old CURUFC teammates chipping in with some especially challenging questions!). Thank you to Tony for such an interesting discussion and to Graeme Menzies (St Catharine’s, CUHC, 1973-1976) for helping to organise.