If you are involved with organising a local ‘chapter’ of Hawks’, or would like to set one up, please let us know, where ever you are. We will include your details here, or help you establish a new branch.  Email secretary@hawksclub.co.uk.


Patrick Moore (St Catharine’s, CUBC, 1963-66)
Tel: +61 414 904 765, email: patrick@lisan.com.au


Vinícius (Vini) Alvarez (St Edmund’s, CUGC, 2019-20)

Email: viniciusalvarez@gmail.com



Andrew Watson (Homerton, CUAFC, 1996-97)
Email: andrew.watson@jerusalemschools.com


Stephen Whitehead (Christ’s, CURUFC, 1969-72)
Email: whiteheadls@hotmail.com

Washington DC, USA

Bill Onorato (Jesus, CUIHC, 1965-68)
Email: wtonorato@aol.com