Matyas Molnar

Fitzwilliam | CURLFC

University sport and the Hawks’ Club have been an integral part of my Cambridge experience, and I have cherished being part of this unique and longstanding establishment, with a rich sporting history and thriving community at its heart. Some of my fondest memories of Cambridge were made on the rugby pitch with my teammates, as well as in the Clubhouse with my fellow Hawks sipping on a tomahawk.

Over the past four years at Cambridge, my appreciation for Hawks’ and all that it stands for has only grown. I’m constantly in awe of the heritage of the Club and the accomplishments by its members, and I’m honoured to be a member of this institution, let alone its President. This is an opportunity I do not take for granted, and I look forward to representing and improving our Club for the 300+ Olympians and 900+ Internationals that have graced our doors, the (more casual) sportsmen that have scraped Second Team Colours, and everyone else in between.

This year will present itself as a challenging one for both the Club and its members, due to the ongoing pandemic. There is still much uncertainty surrounding the “return to play” for sport at Cambridge, with some clubs not being able to resume competitive fixtures until January, while others until next academic year. Furthermore, the Club will not benefit from the same revenue streams as in previous years, and Clubhouse logistics will have to adapt to comply with the ever-changing social distancing regulations. I share the frustration of our members, but I am also optimistic that we will be able to run a fantastic operation in the Clubhouse, considering the circumstances. The Steward, Committee, Trustees and I have been hard at work to ensure that the Clubhouse is fully functional and COVID-19 compliant by the start of the academic year, and we have also been quietly scheming in the background to improve the running of the Club – watch this space!

I have two key aims for this coming year: increase the value of resident membership, and improve the quality and frequency of communications to the alumni network. The former will be achieved by putting on more subsidised events, further discounting ticket prices to Hawks’ run events for members, and introducing a two-tier pricing system and re-establishing lunches at the Clubhouse. As for communications, we plan to revive the Blue Bird, have a larger social media presence, and distribute bi-termly newsletters about Clubhouse activities, resident members’ updates and sports teams’ results/accomplishments.

It is an honour to serve as President of the Hawks’ Club, and I will do my utmost to further the interests of the Club and its members, resident or alumni. I look forward to meeting many of you over this coming year and sharing in your experiences and sporting successes. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or feedback – the Committee and I are always looking for ways to improve the Club.


Matyas Molnar
Hawks’ Club President 2020-2021
Fitzwilliam | CURLFC

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