An astonishing number of Members have represented their countries in International contests or at the Olympic Games.

This 12-page booklet was produced for the Club’s Inaugural Sports Lecture & Dinner held at Lord’s on 30 March 2017. Only five sports are included – Athletics, Cricket, Hockey, Rowing and Rugby Football Union – but hundreds of athletes are listed.

Members are welcome to download and peruse the booklet and make suggested amendments and additions for future editions. Contributions from the many other sports which Members participate in are particularly welcome. These should be addressed to our administrator.

The University has published a record of all known Olympians. The Club updated this and produced it as an A2 sheet in March 2017, which can be downloaded for close scrutiny…  Not all the athletes shown were Members of Hawks’.

Cambridge athletes have competed in 24 different Olympic sports, many now not played at the Games. They are in order (# of athletes):

Summer Games: Rowing, Athletics, Hockey, Fencing, Sailing, Tennis, Canoeing, Aquatics/Swimming, Football, Lacrosse (men’s), Shooting, Cycling, Water Polo, Modern Pentathlon, Table tennis, Polo, Rugby Union, Motor Boating, Jeu de Paume (Real Tennis)

Winter Games: Luge, Bobsleigh, Skiing, Biathlon, Ice hockey

As a little amuse-bouche, here are a few facts derived from these records,  so far…

These lists are all subject to ongoing confirmation and review for errors and omissions. This does not include all Full International caps won by Cambridge athletes (e.g. only Men’s Hockey Olympians are shown). Not all named may have been Hawks or Ospreys members, but the vast majority have been elected.

  • If you add up all 339 Olympians and other Full Internationals recorded (Athletics: 61, Fencing: 11, Cricket: 87, Rugby Union: 338, Tennis (Davis Cup): 5, Football: 83; giving 585 in total), we know Cambridge University has recorded 924 Full International athletes
  • 194 medals are believed to have been won, including 88 Gold at 26 modern Games since 1900, up to and including the most recent (Rio de Janeiro, 2016)
  • Cambridge athletes have competed in 24 different Olympic sports, many now not played at the Games
  • The most successful Cambridge Olympian in medals won was (Baron) Chris Holmes, with 15 paralympic swimming medals, including 9 Gold
  • Richard Meade won 3 Equestrian Gold medals in the 1968 Mexico (1) and 1972 Munich (2) Games. He also competed at Tokyo in 1964.
  • CUBC has supplied more Olympians than any other University Club: 141 (40%) and more medals: 62, an average of 2.4 for every modern Game since 1900. Only in the 1904 Olympics was a CUBC member not represented.
  • CUAC has supplied 80 Olympians winning 27 medals, including 14 Gold and a further 61 Full Internationals
  • 87 International cricketers have shared 1153 caps from 1878 to 2016, with 561 of these won as captain.
  • CURUFC has produced more British Lions than any other rugby club in the world: 69 from 1888 to 1997
  • CURUFC has also seen 131 of its members capped since 1945 alone at Full level by 10 different countries. Added to the 197 capped pre WW2, the total reaches 338.
  • Fencers have supplied 18 to the Olympics, winning 4 medals and a further 11 have been awarded Full caps.
  • Football has amassed a total of 83 Full Cap players, the most recent (Amateur) in 1969 (P. S. Phillips).
  • The most recent Olympic Champions (2016) are George Nash and Tom Ransley in rowing
  • Perhaps the most surprising double gold medallist is Bernard Redwood who won 2 medals in 1908 for Motor Boating.
  • Controversially, Cambridge records show Vane Pennell bringing home Gold in Jeu de Paume (a real tennis variant) in 1908, yet other records say he was not on the podium.