Membership Procedure – Information for Applicants

We Welcome New Members by Introduction Only.

  1. Membership Application Packs (MAP) comprise the following: an application form; a proposer form and the Constitution & Rules. All are obtainable from the Hawks’ Club Office or from the Proposer (existing DRC members).
  1. Applicants should submit a completed application form and send/email/deliver it to:

Membership Secretary
Hawks’ Dining Rights Club
18 Portugal Place
Cambridge CB5 8AF

  1. Applicants should pass the Proposer Form to their Proposer who will complete it and return it to the Club Office.
  2. Applications will be acknowledged in writing or email by the Club Office.
  3. If applicants are not familiar with the Club already they may wish to request a tour of the Club by contacting the Club Office or their Proposer(s).
  4. In considering a candidate’s application for membership, it is intended that the Membership Sub-Committee (MSC) and the Committee will take into account all factors that would indicate the candidate’s qualifications for membership including:
    • The intention and willingness to meet the objects of the Hawks’ DRC, as outlined in the Constitution & Rules for Members.
    • The intention to embrace the ethos of the Hawks’ and Hawks’ DRC and to support Cambridge University’s great sportsmen and their achievements.
    • The intention to enthusiastically support DRC events both in and outside the Club and make use of the facilities offered by membership of the DRC, thus helping to ensure the continuing success of the Hawks’ Club.
  1. Applications are welcome at any time and are considered four times a year:

(i) Applications received May/June/July will be processed by the MSC for final consideration by the Committee in September for welcome in October;

(ii) Applications received August/September/October will be processed by the MSC for final consideration by the Committee in November for welcome in December;

(iii) Applications received November/December/January will be processed by the MSC for final consideration by the Committee in February for welcome in March;

(iv) Applications received February/March/April will be processed by the MSC for final consideration by the Committee in May for welcome in June.

  1. The MSC may, at its absolute discretion, request additional information and references from applicants or require them to attend an interview before applications are presented to the Committee.
  2. Election of applicants is solely and without question at the ultimate discretion of the Committee and President.
  3. Applicants will be notified if they have been accepted or not by the Club Office following the meeting of the Committee in the period of application.
  4. A Waiting List is in place for acceptable applicants if quotas have already been met for the period. The Club Office will inform applicants if they have been put on the Waiting List.  Applications will be reviewed at subsequent meetings.
  5. Upon successful election to the Club applicants will be informed by the Club Office in writing and asked to pay the joining fee and full annual subscription or part thereof (please see website for details of current subscriptions).
  6. Upon election new members will receive an invitation to their first Club event i.e. new Members’ Drinks, to meet existing DRC members and be officially welcomed to the Club. New Members are welcome to attend existing Club events as soon as election takes place.
  7. New members will receive their Club Tie (Gentlemen) or brooch (Ladies) at a subsequent Club table.
  8. New members are required to abide by the rules of the Club (contained in the Constitution and Rules for Members of the Hawks’ DRC).