September 2018



‘The Committee’: The Committee duly elected by Members of the DRC

‘The DRC’: The Dining Rights Club

‘The Hawks’ Club Committee’: The Committee elected by current resident Hawks

‘The Hawks’ Company Limited’: An incorporated body owning the assets of The Hawks’ Club

‘The Management Committee’: The Committee comprising Members of the Hawks’ Company Board, the Hawks’ Club Committee and the Committee

‘Member’: A person elected to the DRC as having been proposed and accepted by the Committee.
Any reference to one gender shall be construed to include all genders.
Any reference to the singular shall where the context permits include the plural and vice versa.



It shall be the object of the DRC to bring together those senior members of the business and professional community in Cambridge who support the aims of a Sportsman’s Club in the University of Cambridge and to take appropriate measure to promote further and better use of the clubhouse.

It shall be the object of each Member to make regular use of the facilities and to support the Committee, the charitable objectives of the Hawks’ Club and the Hawks’ Club generally to ensure the success and well-being of the Club as a whole.



Ordinary membership of the DRC shall be open to a person who has been proposed to and accepted by the Committee as being a suitable person to satisfy the objects of the DRC.

A prospective Member shall be proposed by an existing Dining Rights Club Member or full member of the Hawks’ Club.

The Committee, for the time being, shall consider all applications and shall vote on each one. It shall be the custom that Membership shall be granted to those commanding the unanimous support of the Committee.



The Committee shall have the power to create other forms and grades of membership to further the objects of the Club as a whole and which shall be subject to such specific terms and rules as the Committee shall decide subject to a unanimous vote of all members of the Committee and which shall be confirmed at the next AGM or EGM called for the purpose.



The Purpose of the DRC Committee is:

  1. To regulate the affairs of the DRC and keep records of its financial situation;
  2. To promote the objects of the DRC;
  3. To enhance the membership experience;
  4. To arrange a programme of events for the year;
  5. To receive reports from Sub-Committees;
  6. Consider any other matters brought to its attention.



  1. The DRC Members shall elect a President who shall represent the interests of the DRC on the board of the Hawks’ Company and who shall be the senior member of the DRC and shall serve for a period of five years; except that the term may be determined earlier on a vote taken at an AGM. The President may stand for re-election for a further period or periods. The President shall take the Chair at general meetings of the DRC including the AGM.
  1. The DRC Members shall elect a Committee at such intervals (not exceeding three years) as the Members may decide. The Members shall elect the following (i + ii below) who have been duly proposed and seconded and signified willingness to stand shall command the support of a majority of those present and voting at a meeting properly convened for the purpose:
    • Chairman;
    • Six Committee Members;
    • In addition, there will be one nominee of the Hawks’ Company.
  1. The Committee shall have the power to appoint up to three of its number to serve on the Management Committee.



  1. The Committee shall have the power to appoint a Sub-Committee to carry out certain detailed tasks as defined and which may be for a standing committee or for a single project.
  2. The Committee shall determine the terms of reference and who shall serve. It is not necessary to confine the membership of the Sub-Committee to members of the Committee.
  3. The Sub-Committee shall report to each meeting of the Committee and shall be referred to on the Agenda.
  4. The Sub-Committee shall keep minutes of its proceedings.
  5. The Committee has the power to determine the activities of any Sub-Committee at any time.
  6. In the report to the AGM, the Chairman shall refer to the work of the Sub-Committees and comment as appropriate.
  7. Sub-Committees shall conform to the same rules of procedure as the Committee insofar as decisions shall generally be reached by consensus or by vote with the Chairman having a casting vote.
  8. Sub-Committees shall comprise no less than three members with a quorum being two-thirds of the membership.



Any casual vacancy among the Members of the Committee shall be filled by appointment by the continuing Committee Members and any Member so appointed shall hold office until the appropriate retirement date of the Member so replaced. The Committee may also co-opt no more than two additional Members who shall retire at the next AGM but then shall be eligible for further co-option as well as election.



  1. The Date of the AGM shall be announced at the AGM for the previous year but may be changed on giving not less than four weeks’ notice to expire no later than the original date.
  2. The Agenda for the AGM shall be published at least thirty days before the date on which the meeting is to be held. The meeting shall receive reviews of the year from the Hawks’ Company and from the Chairman of the DRC.   Nominations for President (if due), Chairman, and membership of the Committee shall be circulated by e-mail at least fourteen days before the date of the AGM.
  3. Voting at the meeting shall be on a show of hands unless a secret ballot is called. Those eligible to vote shall be all fully paid up Members at the date of the meeting.  Proxy voting is permitted.  A register of those attending and those submitting proxy votes shall be kept.
  4. Candidates for election to the Committee must have been a Member for a minimum of eighteen months at the date of the AGM.



Members of the DRC shall at all times work for the best interests of the Club as a whole. In particular, each Member shall be expected to make regular use of the facilities and generally support the objectives of the DRC. The Committee may expel any Member without giving reasons, following a unanimous vote to do so by the Committee.

Members are encouraged to make suggestions or put forward ideas that may benefit the DRC and its Members. This should be done by e-mail to the Chairman who will consult with the Committee and report back to the Member.



A joining fee and annual subscription shall be proposed by the Committee from time to time taking into account the level of Membership and the use being made of the facilities by the Members, which will be ratified by the Management Committee. The Committee shall make such additional arrangements as it may from time to time decide.



Dining Rights Members shall have free and unfettered access to the public areas within the Club during normal opening hours subject to the overriding rights of those making reservations or holding private functions.

Any Member having a complaint or grievance about any aspect of the Club or its services shall have the right to be heard by the Committee who shall take such action as it may decide, taking into account all the circumstances including, where appropriate, making a recommendation to the Management Committee.



  • Members shall have regard to the use being made of the Club by others and of their varying interests.
  • It is the expectation of the Committee that all Members of the DRC shall attend at least one club table or its equivalent during the course of the year.
  • Members shall pay their subscription promptly as it falls due.
  • Accounts for meals and other expenses incurred at the Club must be settled within thirty days.
  • The restaurant, and sometimes the Members lounge, caters for formal occasions and Members are expected to dress accordingly. Informal attire is permitted in the bar.
  • Members shall on request supply the names of any guests they bring into the Club.
  • All Members are encouraged to contribute to the Staff Christmas Box.
  • Whilst Members are encouraged to entertain for business purposes they are not permitted to freely promote their own business interests amongst the membership generally.
  • The Committee shall from time to time introduce appropriate guidance for Members and shall publish the same for each Member to observe.



This code is discretionary in all or part:

  1. Following a report of misbehaviour, the Chairman is authorised to ‘have a quiet word’ with the Member concerned. This is to be reported to the Committee;
  2. If such an approach is without success, the Chairman will send a letter by e-mail to the Member warning that further action could follow if the behaviour/conduct is repeated. This to be reported to the Committee;
  3. If this is unproductive or the misbehaviour is very serious the Chairman has the authority to immediately suspend the Member pending a formal consideration by the Committee. This is reported to the Committee for approval;
  4. The matter will be considered by the Committee at the earliest opportunity who may wish to interview the Member or appoint a special Sub-Committee to investigate further including meeting with the Member;
  5. Sanctions include:
  6. A formal warning, in writing, that such behaviour is unacceptable and an immediate and sustained improvement is required;
  7. A formal warning, in writing, that such behaviour is unacceptable and a further offence would lead to immediate suspension for a period or expulsion;
  8. An immediate suspension from the Club for an appropriate period;
  9. An immediate expulsion from the Club following a unanimous vote by a quorate Committee.
  10. A Member sanctioned at any point in 1-5 above has a right to be heard by the Committee under rule 8 (Rights of Members) and under c and d above has a right of appeal to the President.



An EGM may be convened by:

  • The Chairman on giving 15 days’ notice to the Membership in writing stating the purpose and the resolution;
  • A petition signed by not less than 10% of the current DRC Membership expressing the resolution to be discussed. The petition shall be addressed to the Chairman of the DRC.



The Club has a number of Reciprocal Visiting Member arrangements with other clubs in the UK at Cardiff, Henley, London, Nottingham and Oxford. In addition, there are similar arrangements with clubs in Australia, Canada, South Africa and the USA. A Letter of introduction is often required. A full list is available from the office.


This third edition of the DRC rules can be downloaded here.