11 Years




“Without this year’s award, I would have been financially unable to compete (and win!) in three varsity matches this year. I am deeply grateful to the Hawks’ Club and to The Hawks’ and Ospreys Charitable Trust.”

Jamie Giddins (CUGC, CURTC, CUSRC, CURC, Fitzwilliam, 2013-17)


Total awards £28,000 – 45% to women (from 41% applicants), 55% to men.  The 149 awards covered 30 Colleges, and 40 different Sports.

14% of those awarded had achieved first class at tripos.  45% had 2:1.   35% were post-graduates (Mphils, PhDs, Medics, Vets, etc).

Last Name First name Sport College Award Named
Adeosun Hephzibah Athletics Gonville and Caius 200
Agustsdottir Thorbjorg Fencing (sabre) Hughes Hall 250
Andrews Laura Athletics (long jump), Hockey St John’s 150
Arnol Damien yacht Racing Queens’ 200
Bachrati Gerda Netball & Football Gonville and Caius 100
Bates Annabelle Athletics & Horseracing St Catharine’s 200
Beggs Kirsten Fencing Girton 100
Benson Ella Lacrosse St Catharine’s 200
Beranek Vaclav Ice Hockey Magdalene 150
Billiald Jordan Yacht Sailing Homerton 150
Bradley Sally Hockey Trinity 200
Brennan Spencer John Ice Hockey Trinity Hall 200
Briscoe Frederique Hockey Corpus Christi 100
Brown Ashton Rowing Fitzwilliam 500
Burley Max Football Downing 200
Byrne Molly Rugby Newnham 150
Caka Kristjana Lacrosse St Edmund’s 100
Carter Josh Squash Downing 200
Casale Gioia Fencing (foil) Gonville and Caius 100
Chalmers Jodie Dancesport Hughes Hall 100
Chesterfield Fenella Match rifle shooting (CURA), Clay pigeon shooting (CUCPS) St John’s 150
Chohan Darshan Golf, Cricket St Catharine’s 200
Choong Henry Swimming, Modern pentathlon, Handball St John’s 150
Cohen Zoe Football Fitzwilliam 150
Cole Alexander Tennis, Lacrosse Downing 200
Colverd Thomas Cricket Robinson 100
Cook Laura Athletics Christ’s 200
Cox MacGregor Cross country, Athletics Robinson 100
Cramer Alisha Fencing Hughes Hall 100
Crichard Rauri Cricket St John’s 150
Cross Jessica Yacht Sailing Christ’s 100
Curran Kate Cross country, dualthlon and triathlon Corpus Christi 200
Darling Hatty Hockey Christ’s 200
Das Jonathan Cricket Darwin 150
Dauparas Justas Athletics – Javelin Throwing Hughes Hall 200
Dawson Jack Fencing Trinity 200
Delignat-Lavaud Rodriguez Esther Fencing Lucy Cavendish 100
Dickson Sebastian cycling Corpus Christi 200
Dimitri Giovanna Maria Fencing Clare Hall 150
Dixon Jonathan Rugby Union Downing 200
du Toit Brian Rugby Union, Athletics St Edmund’s 250
Dunbavin Samuel Beach volleyball, volleyball Christ’s 100
Elwood Patrick Rowing Magdalene 100
Everden Serenydd Lacrosse Downing 200
Feng Claudia Swimming, waterpolo Trinity 100
Ferguson Calum Swimming Christ’s 250
Flanagan Fergus Rifle Shooting, Field Hockey Gonville and Caius 750 Sir Arthur Marshall
Forster Danielle Dancesport: Ballroom and Latin Jesus 100
Fox Oliver Athletics & Cross country Robinson 100
Ganendra Jerry Peter Tennis Jesus 750 Bob Barber
Gelzinyte Elena Fencing St Catharine’s 200
Giannaros Petros Duathlon, Triathlon, Cross-country Jesus 100
Gibson Katie Volleyball, Cricket Pembroke 150
Giddins Jamie Squash, Golf, Real Tennis, Rackets Fitzwilliam 750 Roy Calvocoressi
Gilmore Kieran Hockey St Catharine’s 200
Glasgow John Equestrian Hughes Hall 150
Goodwin William Skiing, Boxing Homerton 100
Goudet Myriam Rowing Lucy Cavendish 150
Grant Imogen Rowing Trinity 200
Grattan Tom Sailing St Catharine’s 200
Hampel Freddie CUHC Jesus 100
Hampshire Duncan Sailing St Catharine’s 200
Hanlon Kate Squash St Catharine’s 100
Harris Lucy Boxing & athletics Queens’ 100
Hill Holly Rowing Downing 100
Hodgson Paul Triathlon, Modern Pentathlon, Athletics, Fencing, Cross country Trinity 100
Hopes George University Dingby Sailing Corpus Christi 100
Houlden Riki Eton five squash Christ’s 200
Hubbard Niamh Bridson Athletics, cross country Magdalene 100
Hughes Ella Athletics Pembroke 250
Hunt Jessica Basketball Hughes Hall 200
Jackson Thomas Hockey Trinity Hall 150
Jensen Kristopher Torp Athletics, Mixed Lacrosse Magdalene 100
Juhasz Peter Swimming, waterpolo Trinity 100
Kasas Piers Rowing Trinity 100
Kay Edmund Real Tennis, Rugby Fives, Rackets Emmanuel 150 Bill Downey
Khan Salman Powerlifting Downing 750 David Jennens
Kidd Faye Hockey, Lacrosse, Football, Netball Homerton 100
Kisel Rasmus Athletics Trinity 100
Kousoulidis Dimitris Swimming, waterpolo Churchill 200
Krozer Alice Volleyball & Mixed martial arts Clare Hall 100
Lambe Claire Rowing Homerton 750 Christopher Pratt
Lawrence Benjamin CU Polo Club Gonville and Caius 100
Lawson Jemima Sailing St Catharine’s 200
Leiter Sarah Goalball (paralympic sport) Newnham 250
Longstaff Rachel Cross country, Athletics, Triathlon Magdalene 100
Magre Antoine Skiing, Yacht racing Girton 200
Marks Kate L Womens Rugby union Murray Edwards 100
Maxwell Douglas Golf Emmanuel 200 Bill Downey
Middleton Ian Rowing Queens’ 250
Miller Amelia Lacrosse Downing 500
Miller Lucy Fencing Hughes Hall 250
Moore Harriet Hockey Gonville and Caius 150
Moore Rebecca Athletics, Road running St Catharine’s 150
Mulvey John Cycling St Edmund’s 200
Nash Edward Rowing Gonville and Caius 100
Nielsen Marcus Football Pembroke 100
North Luis Squash Downing 150
Nuttall Harriet E Small bore rifle, Match rifle shooting Queens’ 200
Parker Tom Athletics: Hammer throw Selwyn 250
Parkes Adam Golf St John’s 100
Peplow Laurence Fencing Magdalene 750 Sir Adrian Cadbury
Perera Anira Squash Fitzwilliam 200
Phillips Michael William Rugby Union Emmanuel 150 Bill Downey
Pilkington Ed Polo, Lacrosse, Triathlon Clare 100
Plummer Samuel Kayaking Jesus 200
Ponte Robin Rowing St Edmund’s 150
Pratt Emily Rugby Union Emmanuel 150 Bill Downey
Prescott Anna Sailing Magdalene 150
Prossor Tim Lawn Tennis Girton 250
Pruzina Paul Orienteering & Running Jesus 200
Read Kate Water polo Girton 200
Ren Ethan Fencing St Catharine’s 500
Roddy Patrick CUH&H: running – road/XC, CUTriC, CUAC Robinson 200
Rowe Olivia flatwater kayaking Emmanuel 200 Bill Downey
Sanders Francis Rugby Union, Rugby League, Power lifting Magdalene 200
Sayers Charlotte Small bore rifle (CUSBC), Match rifle shooting (CURA) Churchill 100
Schlindwein Alex Fencing Gonville and Caius 200
Schubert Laura Water polo, open water rowing Emmanuel 100 Bill Downey
Senaratne Nipuna Cricket, Hockey Jesus 100
Sharma Sam small bore rifle (CUSBC), Match rifle shooting (CURA) Jesus 200
Shaw Matthew Real Tennis, Rugby Fives, Rackets, Squash Homerton 200
Shillito Anthony Modern pentathlon St Catharine’s 100
Shinorara Hajime Korfball Jesus 200
Smith Hugo Fencing Robinson 200
Smith Patricia Rowing Christ’s 100
Smyrilli Christiana Volleyball Newnham 200
Stanley Tom Rugby Magdalene 100
Summerbell Daniel Fencing Gonville and Caius 250
Suresh Karthik Cricket Wolfson 100
Tan Wan Xian Esther Fencing Murray Edwards 100
Tice Patrick Cricket Fitzwilliam 150
Tilley Rachel Sailing Christ’s 500
Tredell Lance Rowing Hughes Hall 100
Tullie Sebastian Rugby Union Emmanuel 200 Bill Downey
Wallace Catriona Sailing Emmanuel 100 Bill Downey
Walton Matthew Athletics, Waterpolo Trinity Hall 100
Warne Henry Football Fitzwilliam 150
Waterhouse Dale Swimming Clare 150
Watson Alice Modern pentathlon, Equestrian Fitzwilliam 200
Webb James Coxing, Sailing Gonville and Caius 100
Wilson Melissa Rowing Lucy Cavendish 150
Wilson Sam Rowing Sidney Sussex 150
Winder Nick golf Robinson 100
Woolfe Ruby Marathon, Cross Country running Girton 200
Worrall Claire Modern pentathlon Selwyn 100
Wright Maya Volleyball Jesus 100
Wu Joseph Men’s water polo King’s 150
Yeo Clifton Polo St John’s 100


178 applications were received, from which 146 awards were made. 31% of the applicants were women, 33% of the awards were to women. The awards covered 29 Colleges and 42 different sports. 116 of the applicants were undergraduates, of which 95% had achieved !st Class or 2:1 grades in their examinations.
Those entries marked EE show the amount awarded by the University’s Eric Evans Fund.
In addition to the named awards (Jennens, Barber, Cadbury, Marshall) the Bill Downey bequest made awards specifically to Emmanuel College students.

Name Sport College Award Name/EE
Abbasi Ali Rowing Trinity 250
Agustsdottir Thorbjorg Fencing Hughes Hall 750 Jennens
Alexander James Mod. Pentathlon/Horse racing Robinson 250
Auersperg Clemens Rowing Peterhouse 100 EE250
Bajaj Pranjal Golf Homerton 100
Baker Katherine Rowing Homerton 100
Bardolia Shivaan Cricket Clare Hall 100
Barker Adam Golf/Croquet Pembroke 150
Bates Annabelle Athletics St Catharine’s 250
Beggs Kirsten Fencing Girton 100
Beltrami Benedict Rugby Fives/Squash Selwyn 100
Bertram Vincent Rowing Hughes Hall 150
Bond Claire Hockey Trinity Hall 250
Boucher Michael Shooting Trinity Hall 250
Bradley Sally Hockey Trinity 200
Brennan Spencer Ice Hockey Trinity Hall 200
Briegal Joshua Modern Pentathlon/L. weight Rowing Fitzwilliam 100
Bristow James Hockey Fitzwilliam 200
Brooks James Athletics Emmanuel 250 Downey
Brown Ashton Rowing Fitzwilliam 500
Budzianowski Pawel Volleyball Clare Hall 100
Burnside David Fencing Robinson 500
Calver Patrick Athletics/Skiing Christ’s 100
Carey Peter Rowing Robinson 100
Carr  Josh Athletics/Cross Country Sidney Sussex 250
Carroll Joseph Rowing Hughes Hall 100
Chalmers Jodie Dancesport Hughes Hall 100
Cherezov Ilia Rugby Union St John’s 100
Choda Varum Powerlifting/Clay Pigeon Shooting Fitzwilliam 100
Clough Oliver Rugby Union St Edmund’s 100
Congdon Jack Football Corpus Christi 100
Craig Alex Fencing St Catharine’s 250
Dauparas Justas Athletics Hughes Hall 100
Dawson Jack Fencing Trinity 500
De Salis Lara Fencing Murray Edwards 200
De Souza Therese Hockey Emmanuel 150 Downey
Dimitri Giovanna Fencing Clare Hall 100
Douglas Graeham Swimming/Water Polo/Mod. Pentathlon Hughes Hall 100
Eames Christopher Sailing Selwyn 250
Eastwood Bethany Water Polo Girton 100
Ferguson Calum Swimming Christ’s 150
Filippa Andrea Football St John’s 100
Fisher Hannah Shooting Girton 200 EE300
Flanagan Fergus Shooting/Hockey Gonville and Caius 750 Barber
Flint Alice Athletics/squash Murray Edwards 100
Forshaw Stewart Shooting King’s 150
Fox Oliver Cross Country Robinson 100
Frost Charlotte Hockey/Rugby/Athletics St Catharine’s 150
Ganendra Jerry Tennis/Rugby Fives Jesus 250
Gaskell Alex Football St John’s 100
Ghareeb Ali Powerlifting Sidney Sussex 150
Giannaros Petros Triathlon Jesus 200
Giddins James Squash/Golf/Real Tennis Fitzwilliam 750 Marshall
Gilmore Kieran Hockey St Catharine’s 100 EE100
Glew Rob Sailing Queens’ 100
Gratton Tim Sailing St Catharine’s 250
Green James Swimming/L. weight Rowing Churchill 150
Habjan Caroline Rowing Homerton 100
Harvey Abigail Fencing Trinity Hall 250
Hearne Alex Cricket St John’s 200
Heider Katrin Swimming King’s 100
Helgiu Elena Fencing Sidney Sussex 100
Hodgson Andrew Powerlifting Fitzwilliam 200
Hodgson Paul Mod. Pentathlon/Triathlon/Cross Country Trinity 250
Hopes George Sailing Corpus Christi 100
Hsueh Connie Water Polo Churchill 100
HughesElla Cross Country/Athletics Pembroke 500
Jackson Thomas Hockey Girton 100
Juhasz Peter Swimming/Waterpolo/Horse Riding Trinity 100
Jules Sidney Powerlifting St John’s 100 *EE150
Kasas Piers Rowing Trinity 100
Kay Edmund Real Tennis/Rugby Fives Emmanuel 100 EE300 Downey
Khan  Izhan Cricket/Boxing Pembroke 150
Khan Salman Powerlifting Downing 100 EE150
Krozer Alice Volleyball Clare Hall 100
Kung Jessica Table Tennis Jesus 100
Lawrence Ben Polo/Windsurfing Gonville and Caius 100
Lees  Matthew Squash Girton 150
Letier  Sarah Maria Goalball Newnham 150
Liu Robert Boxing Fitzwilliam 100
Magre Antoine Yacht Racing/Skiing/Athletics Girton 100
Martin Jennifer Squash Sidney Sussex 100
Martschenko Daphne Rowing Magdalene 250 EE250
Mascetti Victoria Fencing/Hockey St Catharine’s 250
Mason Holly Horse Riding /Racing/Mod. Pentathlon St John’s 100
Maxwell Douglas Golf Emmanuel 500 Downey
Meek Matt Cycling Girton 100
Middleton Alice Rugby/athletics Lucy Cavendish 200
Middleton Ian Rowing Queens’ 100 EE250
Miller Lucy Fencing Hughes Hall 100
Mooney Elizabeth Cross country/athletics Newnham 500
Moore Rebecca Athletics/Road Running/Cross Country St Catharine’s 400 EE100
Mortimore Michael Rugby Union St Edmund’s 100
Nikolakoudis Georgios Swimming King’s 100
North Luis Squash Downing 100
Nuttall Harriet S Bore Rifle Queens’ 500
Ollington Richard Cross Country/Athletics/Duathlon Pembroke 100
Ormond Bryan Sailing Pembroke 100
Painter Joe Football Fitzwilliam 100
Parker Tom Athletics Selwyn 150
Peplow Laurence Fencing Magdalene 200 EE300
Pinder William Athletics/Cross Country Emmanuel 100 Downey
Plummer Samuel Kayaking Jesus 200
Prescott Anna Sailing Magdalene 100
Prossor Tim Lawn Tennis Girton 250
Pruzina Paul Orienteering Jesus 100
Ranasinghe  Yasomie Tennis Girton 100
Reid Caroline Rowing/Rugby Jesus 100
Robertson Christopher Golf St Edmund’s 100
Roddy patrick Hare & Hounds/Triathlon Robinson 100
Ryan David Golf Emmanuel 100 Downey
Sanders Frank Rugby Union/Powerlifting/Rugby League Magdalene 100 EE150
Sayers Charlotte Shooting Churchill 100
Scheder-Bieschin Benjamin Golf Hughes Hall 150
Schlindwein Alex Fencing Gonville and Caius 500
Schnellmann Matthias Sailing Selwyn 100
Senaratne Nipuna Cricket/Hockey Jesus 250
Sharma Sam Shooting Corpus Christi 750 Cadbury
Shaw Matthew Rugby Fives/Rackets/Real Tennis Homerton 250
Shillito Anthony Modern Pentathlon St Catharine’s 150
Shinohara Hajime Korfball Jesus 100
Simon Alice Horse Riding/Mod. Pentathlon/Eventing Fitzwilliam 200
Smyrilli Xhristiana Volleyball Newnham 100
Spence Niamh Fencing Robinson 500
Stammnitz Mazimillian Volleyball/Semi Marathon Darwin 100
Stansall-Seiler Florence Cross Country/Steelpechase Christ’s 100
Stirk Ellis Mod. Pentathlon Newnham 150
Summerbell Dan Fencing Gonville and Caius 250
Tarver Hanna Athletics Fitzwilliam 200
Tilley Rachel Sailing/Rowing Christ’s 200
Traynor Max Shooting Magdalene 100
Tredell Lance Rowing Hughes Hall 100 EE250
Tullie Seb Rugby Union Emmanuel 150 Downey
Wallace Catriona Sailing Emmanuel 100 Downey
Warne Henry Football Fitzwilliam 200
Watson Alice Riding/Mod. Pentathlon/Horse Racing Fitzwilliam 250
Weatherby Thomas Yacht Racing/Fencing/Squash Churchill 100
Webb Jamie Sailing Gonville and Caius 100
Williams George Rugby Clare 100
Wolf Stefan Football Wolfson 100
Wolstenhulme Richard Football Darwin 150
Woodward Lydia Swimming Newnham 150
Wright Maya Volleyball Jesus 150
Wu Joseph Water Polo Darwin 100
Yeo Clifton Polo St John’s 100
Yogasundram Hannah Squash Murray Edwards 100


There was a total of 258 applications – 95 women and 133 men.  Awards were made to 59 women and 83 men.  The awards totalled £23,400, covered 38 different sports and applicants were from 28 different Colleges.

Name Sport College Award Named for:
Agustsdottir (Thorbjor) Fencing Hughes Hall 600 Jennens
Aitchison (Catherine) Rowing Christ’s 100
Alexander (James) Modern Pentathlon Robinson 100
Armstromg (Simon) Shooting Trinity 150
Atherton (Jack) Golf Clare 100
Auersperg (Clemens) Rowing Fitzwilliam 350
Barnard (Ella) Rowing Gonville and Caius 100
Baynham-Herd (Zac) Football Queens’ 200
Bibby (Hannah) Sailing Christ’s 100
Bielczyk-Maczynska (Ewa) Fencing Corpus Christi 250
Bond (Claire) Hockey Trinity Hall 200
Boteler (Harry) Fencing Magdalene 100
Boucher (Michael) Shooting Trinity Hall 200
Bradley (Sally) Hockey Trinity 150
Brady (Emily) Athletics/Real Tennis St Catharine’s 100
Brown (Ashton) Rowing Fitzwilliam 100
Bunbury (Freddy) Athletics/Modern Pentathlon Emmanuel 100
Burnside (David) Fencing Robinson 500
Burrows (Charlotte) Hockey Selwyn 100
Byrne (Molly) Rugby Jesus 100
Cairns (Will) Hockey Trinity 100
Calver (Patrick) Athletics/Skiing Christ’s 100
Cazorla Bak (Yasmin) Fencing Robinson 250
Chen (Hilario) Judo Hughes Hall 100
Cherezov (Ilia) Rugby St John’s 100
Chuen (Gerald) Tennis Selwyn 200
Church (Hannah) Athletics Gonville and Caius 100
Cobbold (Johno) Hockey Gonville and Caius 200
Counsell (Francine) Sailing Corpus Christi 100
Cozens (Henry) Rugby League St Johns 100
Crichard (Ruari) Cricket St John’s 100
Curran (Kate) Triathlon Corpus Christi 100
Dauparas (Justas) Athletics Hughes Hall 100
De Salis (Laia) Fencing Murray Edwards 100
De Souza (Therese) Hockey Emmanuel 100
Dierker Viik (Arden) Football Emmanuel 100
Dillon (Henrietta) Modern Pentathlon/Swimming St Catharine’s 500
Dixon (Bradley) Modern Pentathlon/Swimming Trinity 500
Douglas (Graeham) Swimming Hughes Hall 100
Dungay (Jonathan) Football Trinity 100
Eames (Christopher) Sailing Selwyn 250
Ferguson (Calum) Swimming Christ’s 100
Firth (David) Shooting Trinity 500
Fisher (Hannah) Rifle Shooting Girton 500
Fitton (Matthew) Fencing Sidney Sussex 100
Flack (Joshua) Sailing Emmanuel 250
Flanagan (Fergus) Shooting/Hockey Gonville and Caius 200
Forde (Daniel) Football St John’s 100
Frost (Charlotte) Hockey/Rugby/Athletics St Catharine’s 100
Gagnon (Julien) Ice Hockey Trinity 100
Game (Holly) Rowing Girton 250
Giannaros (Petros) Triathlon Jesus 100
Giddins (Jamie) Rackets/Real Tennis/Golf Fitzwilliam 750 Barber
Gilmore (Robert) Sailing Magdalene 100
Gratton (Tim) Sailing St Catharine’s 100
Hackmann (Alexander) Shooting King’s 100
Hall (Rob) Rugby Downing 100
Henderson (Arthur) Sailing Robinson 150
Hill (Holly) Rowing Downing 100
Hilton (Lloyd) Athletics Jesus 100
Hirst (Francesca) Lacrosse Fitzwilliam 150
Hiwaizi (Esteira) Rugby Union Queens’ 100
Hodgson (Paul) Modern Pentathlon/Triathlon/Athletics Trinity 100
Holmes (Katie) Rugby Selwyn 100
Hooper (Joshua) Rowing St Edmund’s 350
Hooton (Christopher) Boxing St Johns 100
Hopes (George) Dungy Sailing Corpus Christi 100
Howe (Georgina) Athletics Downing 100
Jackson (Matthew) Rowing St Edmund’s 100
Karpiyevich (Maryia) Archery Darwin 150
Kay (Edmund) Real Tennis/Rugby Fives Emmanuel 500
Kaye (Alice) Athletics Corpus Christi 100
Kelly (Hugo) Rugby St John’s 100
Khan (Salman) Powerlifting Downing 100
Kidd (Faye) Hockey Homerton 100
Klavenes (Katie) Rowing Cox Hughes Hall 500
Kousoulidis (Dimitris) Swimming Churchill 100
Lambert (Helen) Rugby Selwyn 100
Lawrence (Oliver) Polo/Eventing Gonville and Caius 250
Lees (Matthew) Squash Girton 100
Leichter (Alexander) Rowing St Edmund’s 100
Leiter (Sarah) Goalball Newnham 250
Lombard (Sarah) Sailing Downing 100
Martschenko (Daphne) Rowing Homerton 100
Maxwell (Thomas) Sailing Downing 200
May (James) Football Christ’s 200
McFarlane (Flora) Tennis/Hockey Murray Edwards 100
McGuinness (Sian) Rugby Churchill 100
Middleton (Ian) Rowing Queens’ 100
Montgomery (Max) Rugby Emmanuel 100
Moore (Rebecca) Athletics/Cross Country St Catharine’s 600 Marshall
Morrill (Sophie) Lacrosse/Tennis/Real Tennis Sidney Sussex 250
Mullarkey (Laura) Squash Jesus 150
Myrtle (Archie) Modern Pentathlon Corpus Christi 150
Nuttall (Harriet) Rifle Shooting Queens’ 100
Ormond (Bryan) Sailing Pembroke 100
Ostfeld (Rosemary) Rowing Hughes Hall 100
Painter (Michael) Athletics Churchill 100
Parker (Tom) Athletics Selwyn 100
Pascoe (Tom) Rugby St John’s 100
Pearmain (William) Golf Queens’ 100
Petty (Freya) Fencing Downing 200
Plummer (Samuel) Kayaking Jesus 100
Pollock (Alasdair) Cricket Robinson 100
Poulton (Jacob) Rugby Union Clare 200
Prossor (Tim) Tennis Girton 200
Pyne (Katheerine) Swimming Murray Edwards 100
Rademacher (Tim) Rugby League/Lightweight rowing Clare 100
Reid (Caroline) Rowing Jesus 150
Riesle (Silke) Boxing/Mixed Martial Arts Wolfson 100
Ritchie (Francesca) Lacrosse/Squash Murray Edwards 200
Roddy (Patrick) Hare & Hounds/Athletics/Duathlon Robinson 100
Ross (Alexander) Rowing/Tennis/WaterPolo Gonville and Caius 200
Sayers (Charlotte) Shooting Churchill 100
Schlindwein (Alex) Fencing Gonville and Caius 100
Sedlak (Martin) Football Hughes Hall 100
Senaratne (Nipuna) Cricket/Hockey Jesus 150
Sharma (Sam) Shooting Corpus Christi 100
Short (Alex) Cross Country Robinson 100
Sidebotham (Esther) Sailing Jesus 100
Simmonds (Hayley) Cycling Gonville and Caius 500 Cadbury
Simon (Alice) Modern Pentathlon/Equestrianism Fitzwilliam 100
Smith (Edward) Athletics/Cross Country Jesus 100
Smyrilli (Christiana) Volleyball Newnham 100
Solano (Wilberth) Powerlifting Downing 100
Stroud (Edward) Fencing St Catharine’s 100
Summerbell (Daniel) Fencing Gonville and Caius 100
Tarver (Hanna) Athletics Fitzwilliam 500
Tennison (James) Rugby League/Rugby Fives Trinity 100
Traynor (Maximillian) Shooting Magdalene 100
Tullie (Sebastian) Rugby Emmanuel 100
Turner (Katherine) Athletics Magdalene 200
Voolma (Halliki) Dancesport King’s 200
Warne (Henry) Football Fitzwilliam 100
Watkins (Claire) Rowing Clare 200
Watson (Alice) Equestrianism/Modern Pentathlon Fitzwilliam 100
Wigham (Ellie) Fencing Selwyn 250
Wilson (Melissa) Rowing Gonville and Caius 100
Wiseman (Alexandra) Swimming Trinity 150
Wood (Archie) Lightweight rowing Pembroke 100
Wright (Maya) Volleyball Jesus 100
Zhou (Yinjie) Table Tennis Churchill 100


A total of £22,350 was awarded to 147 applicants out of a total of 231.  Awards were made to 58 women and 89 men, covering 27 Colleges and some 50 different sports.

In the above list note that those already in receipt of an Eric Evans award have that amount discounted from the amount that they would have received from the Hawks’ Trust.  This is in order to enable the funds to cover more applicants.

Name Sport College Hawks Award Eric Evans Named Award
Abraham (Ashley) Rugby/Athletics Homerton 150
Agustsdottir (Thorbjorg) Fencing Hughes Hall 500
Akinluyi (Didi) Rugby 7’s/Athletics/Rugby Union Christ’s 100
Alexander (Emmanuel) Modern pentathlon Robinson 200
Allard (Daniella) Lacrosse Robinson 100
Armstrong (Simon) Rifle shooting/Small Bore Trinity 100
Ashcroft (Sam) Tennis Magdalene 100
Baynham-Herd (Zac) Football Queens’ 100
Benson (Susannah) Modern Pentathlon Murray Edwards 100
Bielczyk-Nacynska (Ewa) Fencing Corpus Christi 150
Boteler (Harry) Fencing Magdalene 200
Boucher (Michael) Target Rifle/Match Rifle/Smallbore Trinity Hall 200
Brady (Emily) Athletics/Real Tennis St Catharine’s 100
Brown (Marielle) Football Corpus Christi 100
Browne (Sam) Polo/cricket Fitzwilliam 200
Burnside (David) Fencing Robinson 500
Byrne (Molly) Rugby Union/Rugby League Jesus 100
Cairns (Will) Hockey Trinity 250
Cazorla Bak (Yasmin) Fencing Robinson 150
Chan (Wing Yau) Tennis St Edmund’s 150
Cherezov (Ilia) Rugby Union St Johns 500
Childs (Anthony) Football Homerton 200
Christopher (Joe) Athletics Queens’ 200
Cole (Alex) Tennis/Lacrosse Downing 100
Collard (Harry) Skiing Sidney Sussex 100
Commin (Matt) Mountaineering/Rugby League/Rugby Union Robinson 150
Connor (Megan) Swimming Gonville & Caius 150
Cook (Jonathan) Athletics/Cross Country Jesus 750 Marshall
Cook (Kristian) Rugby Union Hughes Hall 150
Counsell (Fran) Sailing Corpus Christi 200
Court (Simon) Football Fitzwilliam 150
Cox (Daniel) Cycling Christ’s 100
Crosby (Priya) Triathlon/Rowing/Swimming St Catharine’s 0 250
Cumberland (James) Golf Jesus 150
Davies (Kirsty) Dancesport Hughes Hall 100
Day (Emily) Rowing/hockey Emmanuel 100
De Ferrer (Marthe) Triathlon/Quadrathlon/Kayaking St Johns 500
De Souza (Therese) Hockey Emmanuel 100
Deacon-Smith (Matthew) Powerlifting Girton 200
Devane (Aidan) Rugby League/Rugby Union Christ’s 100
Dillon (Henrietta) Modern Pentathlon/Swimming St Catharine’s 500
Dixon (Bradley) Modern Pentathlon/Swimming/Athletics/Fencing Trinity 750 Barber
Drummond (Anna) Squash St Catharine’s 100
Elliott (Solomon) Football Homerton 100
Endl (Lukas) Basketball/Olympic Gymnastics Wolfson 100
Espinosa (Jean-Paul) Skiing St Johns 150
Evans (Beth) Hockey Downing 100
Fellows (Virginia) Equestrian Team Sidney Sussex 100
Firth (David) Match Rifle/target rifle/smallbore Trinity 0 250
Fisher (Hannah) Fullbore rifle Girton 200
Flack (Joshua) Dinghy Racing Emmanuel 250
Forshaw (Stewart) Pistol Shooting King’s 100
Gagnon (Julien) Ice Hockey Trinity 100
Game (Holly) Rowing Girton 0 250
Geerts (Jaason) Ice Hockey/American Football/Archery Sidney Sussex 100
Gilbert (Jacqui) Water polo/polo Newnham 250
Glasgow (John) Show Jumping Downing 250
Gratton (Tim) Sailing St Catharine’s 150
Green (James) Swimming/Lightweight rowing Churchill 100
Griffiths (Rory) Football/Eton Fives Trinity Hall 100
Groom (Hannah) Golf/cricket Christ’s 100
Guevel (Borna) Boxing/Kick Boxing Hughes Hall 250
Hauge (Jostein) Basketball Corpus Christi 100
Hay (Matthew) Modern Pentathlon/Triathlon Emmanuel 100
Heddle (Ellen) Lacrosse Trinity Hall 100
Hemingway (Ali) Squash Jesus 100
Henderson (Arthur) Sailing Robinson 150
Hirst (Martha) Swimming Peterhouse 250
Ho (Tak) Archery Fitzwilliam 100
Hodgson (Paul) Triathlon/Modern Pentathlon/Cross country Trinity 50 150
Hooper (Joshua) Rowing St Edmund’s 500
Houlden (Matthew) Athletics Homerton 100
Howe (Georgina) Athletics Downing 100
Hussain (Zaamin) Athletics Jesus 200
Jackson (Matthew) Rowing St Edmund’s 100
Jones (Esme) Smallbore Rifle/Full bore Rifle Christ’s 100
Kang (Michael) Ice Hockey Churchill 100
Kapuvari (Andras) Water polo Jesus 100
Kaye (Alice) Athletics Corpus Christi 200
Kirk (William) Triathlon Emmanuel 0 125
Knight (Krystyna) Rugby Selwyn 100
Kroshus (Eric) Ice Hockey Clare 100
Krozer (Alice) Volleyball Clare Hall 100
Kusmartsev (Vassili) Tennis/Hockey Trinity 100
Lawrence (Oli) Eventing/Polo/Lacrosse Gonville & Caius 100
Legg (Robert) Lawn Tennis Downing 100
Leitch (Harry) Squash Fitzwilliam 750 Jennens
Letier (Sarah) Goalball Newnham 0 250
Leyland (Laura) Football/Cricket/Hockey Selwyn 100
Lloyd (Lewis) Athletics/Cross Country Pembroke 250
Markides (Constantine) Tennis Wolfson 250
Mascetti (Victoria) Hockey/Fencing St Catharine’s 150
Mather (Max) Rugby Union Downing 100
May (James) Football Christ’s 100
McFarlane (Flora) Tennis/Hockey Murray Edwards 100
McGuinness (Sian) Rugby Churchill 100
Momcilovic (Esther) Rowing Cox Clare 100
Moore (Rebecca) Athletics St Catharine’s 0 200
Morrison (Graeme) Hockey St Catharine’s 100
Muirhead (Jamie) Tennis Fitzwilliam 100
Mullender (Samantha) Swimming/dancesport/cross country Magdalene 100
Murdoch (Andrew) Rugby Union/cricket Hughes Hall 100
Myrtle (Archie) Modern Pentathlon Corpus Christi 100
Nuttall (Harriet) Smallbore rifle/Target Rifle/Match Rifle Queens’ 0 270
Ormond (Bryan) Sailing Pembroke 100
Ortmann (Kolja) Small Bore/full bore rifle/Handball Girton 100
Oskvig (Kyle) Ice Hockey St Johns 100
Page (Holly) Cross Country/Cycling/Duathlon/Mountain running Homerton 100
Parrish (Clare) Hockey Clare 250
Pearmain (Will) Golf Queens’ 100
Petty (Freya) Fencing Downing 100
Poole Walters (Erin) Lacrosse/Ice Hockey Clare Hall 250
Prescott (Kate) Sailing Murray Edwards 100
Prossor (Tim) Tennis Girton 250
Ravi (Nikhilla) Cricket Downing 200
Reid (Caroline) Rowing Jesus 100
Reid (Zara) Hockey Christ’s 100
Rich (Joe) Hockey St Johns 100
Rietschel (Carl) Golf Trinity 100
Ross (Alexander) Tennis/Water polo/Rowing Gonville & Caius 100
Sadler (Patrick) Cricket Churchill 0 350
Salji (Carl) Boxing/mixed amrtial arts/Match rifle shooting Selwyn 100
Senaratne (Nipuna) Cricket/Hockey Jesus 100
Sherif (Haitham) Football Girton 100
Sidebotham (Esther) Sailing Jesus 100
Simmonds (Hayley) Cycling Gonville & Caius 400 350 Cadbury
Simon (Alice) Modern Pentathlon/Equestrian Fitzwilliam 150
Smith (Edward) Athletics/Cross Country Jesus 100
Solano (Wilberth) Powerlifting Downing 100
Spence (Niamh) Fencing Robinson 100
Strakova (Andrea) Orienteering King’s 100
Sutcliffe (Anna) Water polo Fitzwilliam 200
Thong (Alasdair) Fencing Queens’ 100
Thorp (Mike) Rowing Homerton 250
To (Ho-On) Swimming Trinity 100
Tovey (Jillian) Rowing/Hockey Gonville & Caius 100
Traynor (Maximillian) Target Rifle/SmallBore Magdalene 100
Tullie (Sebastian) Rugby Union Emmanuel 100
Turner (Katherine) Athletics/Cross Country Magdalene 100
Vyvyan (Isabelle) Rowing Hughes Hall 100
Waterhouse (Dale) Swimming Clare 100
Watkins (Claire) Rowing Clare 100
Wigham (Eleanor) Fencing/rowing Selwyn 250
Wilson (Joel) Swimming King’s 100
Wilson (Melissa) Rowing/ Water polo Gonville & Caius 0 250
Wiseman (Alexandra) Swimming Trinity 100
Wu (Gerald) Tennis Selwyn 100
Total 22,350
Statistics: 231 applications.  147 awards (58 women, 89 men).  Awards covered 27 Colleges, and some 50 different sports.


A total of £22,300 was disbursed in 2013 to 123 applicants, covering 32 different sports and 27 different colleges.

Name Sport College Award Name
Abrahams (Ashley) Rifle Shooting Peterhouse 500 Jennens
Allwood (David) Athletics/waterpolo/swimming/rowing St Catharine’s 200
Annett (Scott) Rugby Union Clare 200
Armstrong (Simon) Rifle Shooting Trinity 100
Ashcroft (Sam) Cross Country/Athletics St Edmund’s 150
Balding (Daniel) Hockey St Catharine’s 200
Bell (Darren) Swimming Magdalene 150
Bennett (Charlie) Hockey St Catharine’s 100
Bielczyk-Maczynska (Ewa) Fencing Corpus Christi 150
Bradbury (Edmund) Cycling Jesus 150
Broadway (Ross) Football Gonville & Caius 400
Bromley (Fred) Rugby League Magdalene 100
Brown (Stuart) Rugby Union Clare 150
Browne (Samuel) Polo/cricket Fitzwilliam 400
Cherezov (Ilia) Rugby Union St John’s 400
Childs (Anthony) Football Homerton 150
Christopher (Joseph) Cross Country Queens’ 100
Collas (Oliver) Rifle Shooting Trinity Hall 250
Cook (Jonathan) Athletics/Cross Country Jesus 750 Marshall
Corley (Andrew) Swimming Downing 150
Coulter (Emily) Netball/Athletics Selwyn 100
Counsell (Francine) Sailing Corpus Christi 150
Court (Simon) Football Fitzwilliam 100
Dauparas (Justas) Athletics Girton 100
Dean (Jonathon) Rowing Gonville & Caius 100
Devane (Aidan) Rugby League/Rugby Union Christ’s 50
Dillon (Henrietta) Modern Pentathlon/Swimming St Catharine’s 500
Dixon (Bradley) Modern Pentathlon/Swimming/Fencing Trinity 500
Dowle (Alex) Rifle Shooting Emmanuel 150
Drummond (Anna) Squash St Catharine’s 100
Dundovic (Sophie) Athletics/Boxing St John’s 100
Espinosa (Jean-Paul) Skiing St John’s 150
Firth (David) Rifle Shooting Trinity 150
Flack (Joshua) Sailing Emmanuel 200
Flammiger (Charlotte) Horse Riding/Athletics Pembroke 200
Fleming (Alexander) Rowing Pembroke 100
Forde (Daniel) Football St John’s 100
Gbegli  (Emmanuel) Athletics Emmanuel 100
Geerts (Jaason) Ice Hockey/American Football Sidney Sussex 150
Gioe (David) Ice Hockey Corpus Christi 100
Godino (Job) Basketball/Rugby Hughes Hall 150
Grader (Emily) Water polo St Catharine’s 100
Green (James) Swimming Churchill 100
Haar (Chris) Basketball Downing 150
Hall (Nicholas) Rifle Shooting Christ’s 400
Hampshire (Fiona) Sailing St Catharine’s 500
Harding (Katrin) Orienteering/Cross Country Clare 100
Harper (Ryan) Athletics/Rugby Union/Pentathlon Corpus Christi 250
Harrison (David) Hockey/Athletics Trinity 200
Haseler (Toby) Athletics/Rugby League/Rugby Union Corpus Christi 150
Henderson (Arthur) Sailing Robinson 100
Herbert (Mike) Tennis Girton 100
Hill (Felix) Badminton/Golf St John’s 100
Hirschowicz (Joshua) Water Polo Pembroke 150
Holmes (Daniel) Rugby Union Hughes Hall 100
Houlden (Matthew) Athletics/Karate Homerton 250
Howe (Georgina) Athletics Downing 150
Hussain (Zaamin) Athletics Jesus 100
Jones (Samantha) Badminton Christ’s 200
Kapuvari (Andras) Water Polo Jesus 150
Keen (Polly) Athletics/Cross Country Downing 200
Kelly (Hugo) Rugby Union St John’s 100
Kernick (Nicolas) Rowing/Duathlon/Cycling/Triathlon Sidney Sussex 250
Kim (Edward) Rifle Shooting/Fencing/Badminton Peterhouse 100
Legg (Robert) Lawn Tennis Downing 200
Leitch (Harry) Squash Fitzwilliam 750 Cadbury
LI (Xiaofeng) Boxing Queens’ 100
Lindeman (Jack) Rowing Hughes Hall 400
Lombard (Sarah) Sailing Downing 150
Magee (Jamie) Athletics/Rowing Gonville & Caius 100
Markides (Constantine) Tennis Wolfson 100
Maxey (Tom) Water Polo Jesus 100
May (James) Football Christ’s 100
McAleenan (Matilda) Rifle shooting Gonville & Caius 150
Meissner (Erica) Swimming Christ’s 100
Moore (Rebecca) Athletics/Cross Country St Catharine’s 150
Morrison (Graeme) Hockey St Catharine’s 100
Myrtle (Archie) Modern Pentathlon Corpus Christi 100
Oleinikovas (Vladimiras) Water Polo Girton 100
Osmjana (Ksenija) Volleyball Pembroke 150
Perkins (Emma) Athletics Newnham 750 Barber
Phelps Bondaroff (Teale) Ice Hockey Clare 100
Plastow (William) Boxing Robinson 100
Poole Walters (Erin) Lacrosse Clare Hall 500
Ravi (Neeru) Cricket Pembroke 250
Ravi (Nikhila) Cricket Downing 100
Reid (Caroline) Rowing/Hockey/Netball Jesus 200
Ritchie (Fran) Squash/Lacrosse Murray Edwards 250
Roberts (Christian) Athletics St John’s 150
Roope (Nick) American Football Jesus 100
Rootsey (Thomas) Swimming Jesus 150
Ross (Alex) Rowing/Water Polo Gonville & Caius 150
Sadler (Paddy) Cricket Churchill 100
Salji (Carl) Rifle Shooting Selwyn 100
Sandford (Fay) Rowing/Cross Country Gonville & Caius 100
Sandford (Katie) Football/Athletics/ Jesus 150
Sherif (Haitham) Football Girton 150
Simmonds (Hayley) Cycling/Rowing Gonville & Caius 100
Smyrilli Christiana) Volleyball Downing 100
Sorensen (Megan) Judo St John’s 150
Spiby Loh (Chloe) Swimming Gonville & Caius 100
Stott (Susannah) Hockey/Modern Pentathlon Pembroke 100
Strakova (Andrea) Orienteering Newnham 100
Styles (Jack) Squash Girton 200
Szabo (David) Athletics Churchill 100
Szumilo (Nikodem) Lightweight Rowing Fitzwilliam 100
Taylor (Peter) Rugby League Corpus Christi 100
Thorp (Michael) Rowing Homerton 200
Ting (Georgie) Golf Clare 150
To (Ho-On) Swimming Trinity 150
Totten (Richard) Football Trinity 100
Trayler-Clarke (Jocelyn) Skiing/Athletics Newnham 100
Tsuda (Ben) Football Selwyn 100
Tufegdzic Vidakovic (Ana) Volleyball St John’s 100
Tusting (Edward) Modern Pentathlon Fitzwilliam 150
Uth (Tobias) Basketball/Power Lifting/Rowing Girton 150
Walker (John) Rugby/Boxing Hughes Hall 200
Walshe (Eleanor) Lacrosse Robinson 500
Waterhouse (Dale) Swimming Clare 100
Waxse (Bennett) Volleyball Clare 150
Wigham (Eleanor) Fencing Selwyn 250
Wolfe (Oliver) Rugby Union Christ’s 150
Woolcott (Daniel) Water Polo Girton 100
Young (Alex) Cross Country/Triathlon/Athletics St John’s 250.


There were a total of 106 awards made in 2012, totalling £21,050 and covering 25 Colleges, and 28 different sports.

Name Sport College Award Award Name
Abrahams (Ashley) Shooting Peterhouse 750 Cadbury
Austin (Fergus) Rugby Union Gonville & Caius 100
Balding (Daniel) Hockey St Catharine’s 150
Ban (Vin Shen) Shooting Christ’s 200
Beinortas (Tumas) Basketball Homerton 150
Boanas Evans (Isabel) Rowing Murray Edwards 300
Broadway (Ross) Football Gonville & Caius 100
Brown (Robin) Cross Country Jesus 200
Burk (Diana) Modern Pentathlon Trinity 100
Byatt (Emma) Fencing Jesus 100
Campbell (Elizabeth) Rifle shooting Wolfson 100
Carpenter (Joel) Swimming Fitzwilliam 100
Childs (Anthony) Football Homerton 100
Collas (Oliver) Shooting Trinity Hall 150
Cook (Jonathan) Athletics Jesus 500
Corley (Swimming) Swimming Downing 100
Day (Emily) Rowing Emmanuel 100
Dillon (Henrietta) Swimming St Catharine’s 200
Dinsmore (Andrew) Golf St John’s 400
Dixon (Bradley) Modern Pentathlon Trinity 500
Doslikova (Barbora) Volleyball Clare Hall 150
Dudgeon (Emily) Athletics Clare 300
Edmundson (Isabel) Eventing Newnham 300
Ejsmont (Andrzej) Athletics Sidney Sussex 100
Faulkner (Josie) Water polo Clare 150
Firth (David) Rifle shooting Trinity 300
Game (Holly) Rowing Girton 100
Garner-Jones (Michael) Swimming St John’s 100
Geerts (Jaason) Ice Hockey Sidney Sussex 100
Gioe (David) Ice Hockey Corpus Christi 100
Gossage (Lucy) Triathlon Downing 100
Grant (Liane) Water polo Jesus 200
Griffiths (Rory) Football Trinity Hall 100
Grover (Chloe) Swimming Robinson 100
Haar (Chris) Basketball Downing 150
Hall (Nicholas) Shooting Christ’s 100
Hampshire (Fiona) Sailing St Catharine’s 400
Harper (Ryan) Athletics Corpus Christi 350
Harrison (David) Hockey Trinity 200
Hartley (Paul) Football Fitzwilliam 100
Hodgson (Paul) Triathlon Trinity 125
Houlden (Matthew) Athletics Homerton 200
Hoyer (Christine) Rowing Wolfson 100
Hsieh (Pei-Shan) Volleyball Clare Hall 100
Hui (Man Sze) Tennis Hughes Hall 100
Huxley (Joe) Football Homerton 100
Jennings (Joel) Rowing Clare 200
Johnson (Mark) Football Girton 100
Jurik (Tomas) Ice Hockey St Catharine’s 100
Kapuvari (Andras) Water polo Jesus 100
Keen (Polly) Athletics Downing 300
Kennedy (Gus) Cricket Corpus Christi 300
Kernick (Nicolas) Rowing Sidney Sussex 100
Kerrigan (Danny) Football Fitzwilliam 100
Legg (Robert) Tennis Downing 200
Lines (Christabel) Rowing Downing 100
Livesey (Alana) Lacrosse Churchill 350
Longman (Danny) Rowing Christ’s 150
March (Tom) Horse Riding Fitzwilliam 300
Markides (Constantine) Tennis Wolfson 100
Marsh (Harriet) Rowing Emmanuel 100
Marshall (Henry) Swimming Downing 150
Maughan (Jake) Squash Emmanuel 300
McClean (Charlotte) Rowing Emmanuel 100
Morgan (Hannah) Rowing Clare 200
Nelson (David) Rowing Hughes Hall 500
Oleinikovas (Vladimas) Water polo Girton 100
Osmjana (Ksenija) Volleyball Pembroke 150
Perkins (Emma) Athletics Newnham 400 Jennens
Phelps Bondaroff (Teale) Ice Hockey Clare 150
Pitt Ford (Charles) Rowing Pembroke 300
Price (Rupert) Rowing Robinson 300
Radvan (Josh) Modern Pentathlon St Catharine’s 100
Railton (Anna) Rowing Pembroke 300
Reid (Caroline) Rowing Jesus 150
Reynolds (Heather) Archery Jesus 125
Richards (Kate) Rowing Queens’ 150
Roberts (Christian) Athletics St John’s 150
Rootsey (Thomas) Swimming Jesus 300
Ross (Alexander) Water polo Gonville & Caius 200
Sandford (Fay) Rowing Gonville & Caius 150
Schramm (Moritz) Rowing Fitzwilliam 150
Schwalie (Petra) Volleyball Newnham 150
Seward (Emily) Ultimate Frisbee Emmanuel 100
Sherman (Georgia) Swimming St John’s 100
Smith (Michael) Football Trinity 100
Smyrilli (Christiana) Volleyball Downing 150
Spiby Loh (Chloe) Swimming Gonville & Caius 100
Szabo (David) Athletics Churchill 150
Szlachta (Wojciech) Cycling Pembroke 250
Taschimowitz (Naomi) Athletics Trinity 750 Barber
Thomson (Oliver) Canoe (kayak) Polo Fitzwilliam 750 Marshall
Thorp (Michael) Rowing Homerton 300
Ting (Geordie) Golf Clare 150
To (Ho-On) Swimming Trinity 200
Totten (Richard) Football Trinity 150
Tusting (Edward) Modern Pentathlon Fitzwilliam 100
Veselovska (Lenka) Rowing Pembroke 150
Vidakovic (Ana) Volleyball St John’s 150
Wagner (Thomas) Athletics Sidney Sussex 300
Walshe (Eleanor) Lacrosse Robinson 425
Walters (Erin) Lacrosse Clare Hall 225
Waterhouse (Dale) Swimming Clare 200
Wigham (Eleanor) Fencing & Rowing Selwyn 200
Yan (Han) Pistol Shooting St Catharine’s 150
Young (Alexander) Triathlon St John’s 100
Total 21050


There were a total of 108 awards made in 2011, covering 29 Colleges and 24 different sports.

Name Sport College Amount Award
Abrahams (Ashley) Shooting Peterhouse 100
Allwood (David) Water Polo St Catharine’s 100
Balding (Daniel) Hockey St Catharine’s 150
Ban (Vin Shen) Shooting Christ’s 100
Bannon (Chris) Athletics Downing 100
Barber (Tom) Athletics Christ’s 200
Baxter (Mark) Football Selwyn 150
Beare (Anna) Rowing Homerton 100
Bell (David) Hockey Clare 200
Bellamy (Chris) Rowing Homerton 200
Blackshaw (Ruth) Rowing Newnham 200
Bottle (Emily) Swimming Trinity Hall 200
Breu (Silvia) Rowing Newnham 100
Brice (Alice) Rowing Emmanuel 100
Broadway (Ross) Football Gonville & Caius 100
Brown (Frankie) Cricket Jesus 300
Brown (Robin) Athletics Jesus 100
Buttinger (Nicholas) Korfball Selwyn 100
Caron (Louis) Golf King’s 100
Carpenter (Joel) Swimming Fitzwilliam 300
Caughlin Butler (Whitney) Rowing Gonville & Caius 150
Cook (Jonathan) Athletics Jesus 500
Cooke (Stephen) Water Polo Trinity 150
Corley (Andrew) Swimming Downing 200
Crichton (Hamish) Water Polo Fitzwilliam 100
Day (James) Football Jesus 150
Dickson (Edward) Shooting Trinity Hall 750 Cadbury
Dillon (Henrietta) Swimming St Catharine’s 200
Dixon (Bradley) Swimming Trinity 400
Dixon (James) Canoeing Trinity 200
Dobran (Ryan) Basketball Queens’ 150
Doslikova (Barbora) Volleyball Clare Hall 100
Dowle (Alex) Shooting Emmanuel 200
Drazkiewicz-Gradzicka (Ela) Water Polo Pembroke 150
Duke (Laura) Athletics Newnham 300
Dyble (Mark) Athletics Clare 200
Faulkner (Josie) Water Polo Clare 150
Ferguson (Stuart) Football King’s 150
Gossage (Lucy) Triathlon Downing 100
Grant (Liane) Water Polo Hughes Hall 100
Grant (Matt) Athletics Queens’ 150
Griffiths (Rory) Football Trinity Hall 150
Grover (Chloe) Swimming Robinson 100
Hale (John) Rowing Pembroke 100
Harrison (Anna) Lacrosse Trinity 200
Harrison (William) Hockey Trinity 150
Hartley (Paul) Football Fitzwilliam 100
Haseler Tony) Athletics Corpus Christi 100
Hornik (Tamara) Rowing Wolfson 200
Houlden (Matthew) Athletics Homerton 150
Hsieh (Pei-Shan) Volleyball Clare Hall 100
Huang (Lily) Ultimate Frisbee Lucy Cavendish 150
Hughes (Philip) Cricket Downing 200
Jennings (Joel) Rowing Clare 150
Jurik (Tomas) Ice Hockey St Catharine’s 100
Kasas (Sasha) Rowing Trinity 100
Keen (Polly) Athletics Downing 150
Kendrick (Anna) Rowing Emmanuel 100
Kennedy (Gus) Cricket Corpus Christi 200
Kerrigan (Danny) Football Fitzwilliam 200
Kinch (Llewellyn) Cycling Jesus 150
Kiwanuka (Ssegawa) Boxing Queens’ 200
Klocking (Marthe) Rowing Christ’s 100
Knight (Fran) Rowing Christ’s 100
Legg (Robert) Tennis Downing 100
Leitch (Harry) Squash Fitzwilliam 750 Jennens
Lindsay (John) Shooting Downing 500
March (Tom) Riding Fitzwilliam 750 Marshall
Marshall (Henry) Swimming Downing 100
McClean (Charlotte) Rowing Emmanuel 100
McCloughlin (Nicholas) Water Polo Christ’s 200
Momcilovic (Esther) Rowing Clare 100
Moyse (Ed) Athletics Selwyn 150
Murray (Declan) Athletics Magdalene 150
Nelson (David) Rowing Hughes Hall 100
Persent (Louis) Athletics St John’s 750 Barber
Plunkett (Georgie) Rowing Clare 100
Pocock (Nicola) Rowing Clare 100
Polgreen (Elizabeth) Rowing Downing 150
Rasmussen (Derek) Rowing Hughes Hall 500
Revell (James) Football Christ’s 100
Reynolds (Heather) Archery Jesus 150
Richards (Kate) Rowing Queens’ 100
Roach (Charlotte) Athletics Trinity 100
Roberts (Christian) Athletics St John’s 300
Robley (Sarah) Rowing Pembroke 150
Rootsey (Thomas) Swimming Jesus 150
Ross (Alex) Rowing Gonville & Caius 150
Roth (Geoff) Rowing St Edmund’s 100
Sandford (Fay) Rowing Gonville & Caius 150
Scott (Tasha) Rowing Sidney Sussex 100
Sherif (Haitham) Football Girton 100
Spiby-Loh (Chloe) Swimming Gonville & Caius 100
Staack (Nora) Rowing Sidney Sussex 100
Stark (Jeffrey) Lacrosse Fitzwilliam 100
Strawson (James) Rowing Trinity 200
Szabo (David) Athletics Churchill 200
Taschimowitz (Naomi) Athletics Trinity 500
Theusen (Pernille) Rowing Christ’s 200
Thorp (Michael) Rowing Homerton 150
Totten (Richard) Football Trinity 100
Waddington (Humphrey) Athletics St Catharine’s 200
Waterhouse (Dale) Swimming Clare 100
Webb (Chris) Boxing Queens’ 300
West (Angharad) Lacrosse Girton 200
Wheater (Elizabeth) Netball Hughes Hall 150
Young (Alexander) Athletics St John’s 100
Zocco (Allessandro) Volleyball Fitzwilliam 150
Total 24 29 19900


Awards were made in April 2010 to a total of 82 people. The awards covered 23 sports and were spread across 27 Colleges.
Name Sport College Award Amount Award Name
Bajorek (Tommy) Swimming Sidney Sussex 100
Baxter (Mark) Football Selwyn 400
Bellamy (Chris) Rowing Homerton 100
Bierer (Laura) Rowing St Catharine’s 100
Bottle (Emily) Swimming Trinity Hall 300
Bradbury (Rosamund) Rowing Jesus 500
Brown (Frankie) Cricket Jesus 500
Brown (Robin) Cross Country Jesus 300
Bryan (Matthew) Rowing Peterhouse 100
Carpenter (Joel) Swimming Fitzwilliam 300
Churton (Owen) Athletics Clare 100
Colman (Beth) Rowing King’s 100
Corley (Andrew) Swimming Downing 400
Crossley (Patrick) Rugby Homerton 500
Crutchett (Anthony) Fencing Downing 750
Cubasch (Hardy) Rowing St Edmund’s 100
Cutts (Samantha) Riding Emmanuel 400
Daggett (Constance) Riding Girton 300
Day (Henry) Shooting St Catharine’s 650 Barber
Day (James) Football Jesus 200
Dickson (Ed) Shooting Trinity Hall 650 Cadbury
Dobin (Sam) Athletics Trinity 400
Dyble (Mark) Athletics Clare 500
Faulkner (Josie) Waterpolo Clare 100
Ferguson (Stuart) Football King’s 300
Fischer (Julia) Rowing Clare Hall 100
Gordon (James) Sailing Jesus 100
Gossage (Lucy) Triathlon Downing 200
Grant (Liane) Waterpolo Hughes Hall 200
Grover (Chloe) Swimming Robinson 400
Gwyther (David) Football Wolfson 200
Hall (Greg) Sailing Gonville & Caius 100
Hamish Yeung Table Tennis St Caths 100
Hattingh (Johann) Golf Darwin 100
Hempe (Eva-Maria) Rowing St John’s 200
Hood (Jamie) Rugby Hughes Hall 100
Johnson (Mark) Football Girton 100
Johnson (Michael) Football Jesus 300
Jones (Anya) Rowing Fitzwilliam 200
Joshua Bleakley Table Tennis St Caths 100
Kerrigan (Danny) Football Fitzwilliam 100
Legg (Robert) Tennis Downing 100
Leitch (Harry) Squash Fitzwilliam 750 Jennens
Lindsay (John) Shooting Downing 100
Little (Josh) Swimming Corpus Christi 100
Little (Max) Football Trinity 100
Mackay (Hermione) Rowing St John’s 200
March (Tom) Riding Fitzwilliam 200
Marshall (Henry) Swimming Downing 100
Maynard (Chris) Football St John’s 100
Mcloughlin (Nicholas) Waterpolo Christs 400
McNeil (Thomas) Athletics Hughes Hall 100
Meegan (Lisa) Rowing Sidney Sussex 200
Morgan (Hannah) Rowing Clare 100
Mouland (Josh) Athletics King’s 100
Musselman (Kevin) Hockey Peterhouse 100
Nefs (David) Athletics Churchill 200
Nelson (Laura) Football Corpus Christi 100
O’Mara (Shane) Rowing Hughes Hall 200
Palmer (Clare) Athletics Downing 200
Persent (Louis) Athletics St John’s 750 Marshall
Pitt Ford Rowing Pembroke 300
Polgreen (Elizabeth) Rowing Downing 100
Railton (Anna) Rowing Pembroke 200
Reynolds (Heather) Archery Jesus 300
Robson (Julia) Rowing Trinity 200
Rook (Dane) Swimming Darwin 200
Rootsey (Thomas) Swimming Jesus 400
Schwamb (Tina) Volleyball Girton 100
Selvay (Peter) Golf Jesus 200
Simson (Ian) Athletics St John’s 200
Spray (Lucy) Athletics Newnham 500
Staack (Nora) Rowing Sidney Sussex 200
Strawson (James) Rowing Trinity 100
Sweeney (Rachel) Taekwando Darwin 100
Taschimowitz (Naomi) Athletics Trinity 400
Thompsell (Emmalina) Handball Gonville & Caius 400
Thuesen (Pernille) Rowing Christs 200
To (Ho-On) Swimming Trinity 200
Walerud (Caroline) Basketball St John’s 100
West (Angharad) Lacrosse Girton 100
Wheeler (Joseph) Rugby St Edmund’s 200


Awards were made in March 2009 to a total of 100 people. The awards covered 29 sports and were spread across 25 Colleges.

Name Sport College Award Amount Award Name
Allen, Sarah Rowing Peterhouse 200
Barnes, Alice Tennis Lucy Cavendish 200
Baxter, Mark Football Selwyn 250
Blair, Niebert Cricket Girton 100
Bodman, Erica Rowing Homerton 100
Bohne, Thomas Mountain Biking Darwin 100
Brown, Jamie Football Christ’s 250
Brown, Robin Cross Country Jesus 200
Bullock, Sally Water polo Lucy Cavendish 100
Burfiend, Chris Cox Churchill 100
Burrows, Jenny Rowing Magdalene 100
Buttinger, Nicolas Korfball Selwyn 100
Caird, Stephanie Rowing Clare 100
Cass, Susannah Rowing Magdalene 100
Clay, John Rowing Hughes Hall 200
Coady, Jonathan Ice Hockey St Edmunds 100
Cook, Jonathan Athletics Jesus 500
Corley, Andrew Swimming Downing 250
Creek, Laura Rowing Pembroke 100
Croft, Patrick Golf Trinity 200
Croft, Rachel Rowing Trinity 100
Cutts, Sam Riding Emmanuel 450 Bob Barber
Dannatt, Peter Sailing St John’s 100
Davenport, Jennifer Rowing St Edmunds 100
Davis, Christopher Swimming Selwyn 250
Day, Henry Rifle Shooting St Catharine’s 300
Demin, Soren Kickboxing Hughes Hall 200
Diviney, James Rifle Shooting Gonville & Caius 250
Dixon, James Canoe Slalom Trinity 200
Douglas, Jamie Squash/Real Tennis St John’s 450 David Jennens
Dowbiggin, Rebecca Cox Emmanuel 750 Sir Adrian Cadbury
Eldred, Harriet Rowing Newnham 250
Evans, Donald Rowing Fitzwilliam 250
Figures, Emma Cross Country Lucy Cavendish 100
Gamble, Liam Polo Robinson 200
Gill, Fres Rowing Hughes Hall 200
Gill, James Athletics Hughes Hall 200
Grover, Chloe Swimming Robinson 100
Guadarrama, Roberto Swimming Darwin 100
Hansell, Jez Hockey Gonville & Caius 500
Hawkins, James Cycling Downing 500
Hedges, Alex Gymnastics Fitzwilliam 300
Hill, Geoff Athletics Trinity 100
Hird, Karen Real Tennis St Catharine’s 200
Holt, Mark Cycling Gonville & Caius 250
Houghton, James Rowing Jesus 100
Ilyinskaya, Evgenia Rowing Darwin 100
Jennings, Joel Rowing Clare 100
Johnson, Michael Football Jesus 200
Kasas, Alexander Rowing Trinity 100
Knight, Jonathan Hockey Downing 100
Leitch, Harry Squash Fitzwilliam 750 Sir Arthur Marshall
Lentaris, Georgios Water polo Churchill 100
Lloyd, Rosalind Lacrosse Lucy Cavendish 100
Marsland, Peter Rowing Peterhouse 500
McGoldrick, Natalie Riding Churchill 500
Moffett, Edward Pentathlon Wolfson 100
Monaghan, Ryan Rowing St Edmunds 250
Moyse, Edward Athletics Selwyn 100
Musselman, Kevin Ice Hockey Peterhouse 100
Mustafa, Yassar Eton Fives Downing 100
Nefs, David Athletics Churchill 200
Nelson, Laura Football Corpus Christi 100
O’Leary, Anna Rowing Downing 100
O’Mara, Shane Rowing Hughes Hall 250
O’Shaughnessey, Dan Rowing St Edmunds 400
Owen, Andy Athletics Selwyn 100
Persent, Louis Athletics St John’s 500
Polygreen, Elizabeth Rowing Downing 100
Railton, Anna Rowing Pembroke 250
Ransley, Tom Rowing Hughes Hall 200
Ratcliffe, Fionnuala Rowing Clare 100
Reynolds, Heather Archery Jesus 200
Richardson, Ben Athletics Churchill 400
Roach, Charlotte Cross Country Trinity 200
Robinson, Polly Rugby Hughes Hall 100
Robinson, Thomas Cycling Clare 200
Rootsey, Thomas Swimming Jesus 250
Rooze, Jonas Ice Hockey Girton 100
Rowe, Doug Rugby Hughes Hall 250
Ryan, Danny Fencing Gonville & Caius 400
Sen, Ananya Cricket St Edmunds 100
Simmonds, Hayley Rowing Newnham 100
Simson, Ian Athletics St John’s 200
Smith, Cole Ice Hockey Hughes Hall 100
Smith, Rachel Rowing Magdalene 250
Spray, Lucy Athletics Newnham 250
Stark, Mike Football Selwyn 200
Strawson, James Rowing Trinity 100
Thompson, Emmalina Eton Fives Gonville & Caius 100
To, Ho-On Swimming Trinity 250
Tuck Hermione Rowing Magdalene 200
Von Eye, Maxine Water polo Lucy Cavendish 100
Waddington, Humphrey Athletics St Catharine’s 300
Warrillow, Stephanie Rowing Emmanuel 200
Watkinson, Clare Ice Hockey Wolfson 200
Wheeler, Ben Rugby St Edmunds 100
Williams, Robert Hockey Clare Hall 100
Williamson, Mike Hockey Hughes Hall 250
Wilson, Martin Rugby Selwyn 100


Awards were made in March 2008 to a total of 80 people. The awards covered 27 sports and were spread across 28 Colleges.

Name Sport College Award Amount Award Name
Armstrong, Craig Hockey Downing 150
Barbanneau, Luke Sailing Pembroke 300
Bennett, Samantha Rowing Pembroke 200
Blakey, Isabelle Hockey Homerton 200
Borchers, Anne-Marie Rowing Clare 400
Borrill, Adrian Ultimate Frisbee Sidney Sussex 150
Brown, Jamie Football Christ’s 300
Burfiend, Chris Rowing (Cox) Churchill 100
Clay, John Rowing Hughes Hall 200
Close, Natasha Hockey Downing 200
Connell, Louise Rowing St John’s 500
Cook, Jonathan Athletics Jesus 500
Coutts, David Cricket Clare 150
Croft, Patrick Golf Trinity 100
Cutts, Samantha Equestrian Emmanuel 750 Bob Barber
Davenport, Jenny Rowing St Edmund’s 300
Dawson, Jon Rugby St Edmund’s 400
Dixon, James Canoiest Trinity 400
Douglas, Jamie Real Tennis St John’s 750 Sir Arthur Marshall
Dowbiggin, Rebecca Rowing (Cox) Emmanuel 750 Sir Adrian Cadbury
Dufton, David Rowing (Cox) Selwyn 100
Eldred, Harriet Rowing Newnham 200
Eldred-Evans, David Tennis Sidney Sussex 100
Fenton, Rachel Mountain Biking Darwin 150
Ferrara, Chiara Rowing King’s College 200
Fox, Abigail Rowing Trinity 200
Gamble, Liam Polo Robinson 100
Glenn, Russ Rowing (Cox) Darwin 200
Gotch, Chris Football Trinity 150
Hall, Greg Sailing Gonville & Caius 150
Hall, Theresa Gymnastics Sidney Sussex 100
Hansell, Claire Rowing Fitzwilliam 300
Hawkins, James Cycling Downing 200
Heder, John Rowing St Edmund’s 200
Hedges, Alex Gymnastics Fitzwilliam 500
Heywood, Tom Sailing St John’s 400
Hunsberger, Spencer Rowing Pembroke 300
Javaid, Burham Cricket Hughes Hall 300
Kingma, Elselijn Rowing Trinity Hall 400
Kyffin, John Rowing Magdalene 100
Leitch, Harry Squash Fitzwilliam 500
Lloyd, Ros Lacrosse Lucy Cavendish 500
Mayers, Adam Shooting Churchill 200
McGoldrick, Natalie Equestrian Churchill 750 David Jennens
McGonigle, Ian Sailing King’s 100
Moffett, Edward Pentathlon Churchill 200
Monaghan, Ryan Rowing St Edmund’s 100
Murphy, Anthony Football Sidney Sussex 400
Murray, Hamish Rugby St Edmund’s 100
Musselmann, Kevin Ice Hockey Peterhouse 100
Nowacki, Andy Shooting Robinson 200
Nyumba, Tobias Volleyball Downing 100
Owen, Andy Athletics Selwyn 300
Owles, Harriet Lacrosse Selwyn 200
Pedder, Christopher Mountain Biking Trinity 150
Porteous, Angharad Hare & Hounds Jesus 100
Ransley, Tom Rowing Hughes Hall 500
Ratcliffe, Fionnuala Rowing Clare 100
Rawlins, Fran Rowing Trinity 150
Rice, Will Athletics King’s College 200
Richardson, Ben Athletics Churchill 500
Riera, Albert Waterpolo Girton 100
Roach, Charlotte Athletics Trinity 500
Rooze, Jonas Ice Hockey Girton 100
Stark, Michael Football Selwyn 100
Strawson, James Rowing Trinity 100
Summers, Julia Rowing Trinity 100
Swords, Chloe Rowing Fitzwilliam 100
Szczyrba, Bartosz Rowing Wolfson 400
To, Ho-On Swimming Trinity 300
Tuck, Hermione Rowing Magdalene 100
Turnbull, Chris Football Christ’s 200
Turvey, Oliver Motor racing Fitzwilliam 200
Waddington, Humphrey Athletics St Catharine’s 400
Webb, Matthew Swimming Trinity Hall 200
Wickramasooriya, Manthinda Cricket Fitzwilliam 150
Woods, Shane Ice Hockey Hughes Hall 100
Wordley, Alice Rowing Queens’ 100
Yeoh, Ben Swimming Selwyn 200
Yu, David Athletics Trinity 150