Club Wine


We are very pleased to announce the launch of our Hawks’ Club Macon to sit alongside our Hawks’ Club Claret, which went on sale in December. The Macon has the blessing of John Casson, our in house Master of Wine. The website has been updated, and please click on the link below to order.

We have collected feedback from members who have sampled our wine offer, and these are set out below. We have the usual mixture of informed, less informed, honest and witty responses that one expects from the Hawks’ community. For those of you who have slightly deeper pockets, then John suggests Les Tours de Beaumont Haut Medoc 2016 is particulaly good value. We have upgraded the Cotes du Rhone as well.

As soon as the 2021 Rose vintages arrive, and John has sampled a few, we will be recommending one to celebrate Spring and a new cricket season. Watch this space.

Feedback from Members on Hawks Wine Purchases

“I think the Jean-Pierre Moueix 2016 is an excellent claret and good value for the quality.  We still have some and we were drinking it at the weekend.  It is worth opening it for a short while before drinking.  I would strongly recommend it. I also thought the Macon and Albarino excellent.  The Cotes du Rhone was good but not quite as good as the other three. I will be ordering more of the first three!”

Ian Hodgson (Downing, 1980, CU Cricket, Tennis and Squash)

“Amidst all the bunkum we read about COVID, a medical expert has today suggested that if we drink 5 glasses of red wine per week our chances of contracting the virus are reduced by 17%. Projecting this exponentially, it seems to me that 5 bottles per week might lead to an 85% reduction in infection.

What better experiment in which to participate than to buy the Hawks Club Claret 2016  – a snip at £12.95 – produced by John-Pierre Moueix – a tasty Merlot with an elegant label. Go for it!”

Nigel Theyer (Peterhouse, 1971, CU Golf Club)

“Dark purple/crimson rim and dark purple body. Aroma very savoury – almost mushroom like, followed by strawberries and vanilla. More strawberries on the palate, with oak and spice. Very little in the way of tannic grunt, and whilst a pleasant finish, it was a little more acidic than I’d like. The only regret I have is not ordering more. GDBO and best wishes from Munich”

Alexander Frank (Hughes Hall, 2013, CU Volleyball)

“Very pleased with the claret and good value. I’m not a great fan of all the burb about blackberries, chocolate taste etc. But it is smooth, a good nose and went down well- especially the third glass !”

Angus Hislop (St John’s, 1965, CU Golf Club)

“I loved it”

James Livingstone (St Catherine’s, 1999, CU Boat Club)

“The claret’s quality was matched by your service – thank you.”

Nigel Fenner (Downing, 1980, CU Football)

“I enjoyed the wine. I thought it was a good example and price for Bordeaux and would be happy to order it in the Hawks Club as the ‘club claret’. I also particularly enjoyed the South African Chenin Blanc, do you have more?”

Jonathan L Brown (Magdalene, 1975, CU Rugby Fives)

“The Hawks Club Claret 2016, was very OK; if we’d had the patience, I reckon it would have mellowed even further, in a year or two. How many of your clients are Hawks members, do you think? Is the new Club Macon a white or red, please?” (It is a white burgandy ….. Ed*2)

Randle Theobald (Fitzwilliam, 1959, CU Amateur Boxing)

“I’ve not got to the claret yet, but will give some feedback one it is sampled. The wines in general have been very good, in particular the Rijk’s Touch Chenin Blanc. Fairly sure I’ll be ordering a case and have been researching its availability for my daughter’s wedding in Cape Town next year.”

Tony Lea (CU Cricket Club)