Hawks’ Club Rules



  1. Candidates for election shall be a Blue, a Half Blue or have Second Team Colours for a Full-Blue sport except in the special circumstances to be determined at the discretion of the Committee. The decision of the Committee shall be final.
  2. No Candidate may be elected before the beginning of his second term in residence.
  3. Each candidate for election shall be proposed by a Member of the Club, seconded by a member of the Committee and supported by six further Resident members. Such a proposal shall be entered into the Proposal Book at least two days before the Committee meets and the seconder must satisfy the Committee as to the Candidates qualifications. The election of any candidate shall be decided at the Committee Meeting by a vote. Any candidate receiving two adverse votes shall be rejected and may not be proposed at a later date. The names of all rejected shall be recorded by the Secretary.
  4. A candidate for election as an Honorary Hawk shall be any man deemed unanimously by the Committee to have contributed to the well being of the Club or Sport at Cambridge University. The form of such proposals shall be left to the discretion of the Committee.
  5. The Committee shall not be bound to elect candidates in the order in which their names appear in the Proposal Book.
  6. A copy of these rules shall be sent to each new Member on his election.
  7. Senior members of the University and those of M.A. status may be elected retrospectively. In such a case the onus is firmly on the proposer to satisfy the Committee that the Candidate qualified in all respects for membership when a Junior member of the university.
  8. Any Member elected under Rule 7 shall not be eligible for election to the Committee.

A PDF version of these rules can be downloaded here.

Page last modified: 17 April 2018