The Blue Bird is relaunching for 2020-20+1 with a whole new senior editorial team! You definitely do not need to be a Hawk or Osprey to get involved – if you are simply interested in sport, writing about sport and getting to know people involved in Cambridge sports then the Blue Bird is for you. Here are the following editors we are looking to recruit. If you would like to join us, whatever your experience, please do not hesitate to get in touch at We are initially looking to appoint an Editor-in-chief who can help appoint the rest of the team, but please do let us know if you’re interested in any of these roles!



The Editor-in-chief of Blue Bird will primarily be responsible for managing the day to day business of the newspaper. The Editor-in-chief will help select the rest of the editorial committee and liaise with the Hawks’ committee to ensure the aims and objectives of Blue Bird are in line with the Hawks’ Club. The Editor-in-chief will also organise brief weekly editorial committee meetings to discuss the overall running of the newspaper and to highlight any concerns or issues.



Responsible for keeping track of all our sports teams’ highs and lows. You will work with Cambridge teams’ captain/publicity secretaries to publish their match reports. Clubs already write match reports themselves, just make sure you keep them concise and tone down the in-jokes. Also responsible for polls for ‘Sportsperson’ and ‘Team’ of the week.



Fill the Blue Bird with weekly features of your choice. Recruit current students to write regular features and be ready to write a few of your own. Previous years have seen successful features such as advent calendar of sports, a week in the life of…, a captains’ challenge (a video feature), Buzzfeed-style quizzes and anything else you fancy.



If you have got strong opinions on sport this is the role for you. Find columnist to publish regular articles about sports and write your own. This can be about which sports are under-appreciated, what it’s like to do a minor sport etc.



The interviews team are responsible for finding interesting individuals, both current and past students, who have (at least!) some sort of link to Cambridge sports and will have something interesting to say. This can simply be current sportspeople at Cambridge, famous alumni, or just engaging individuals. Obviously, if there are high-profile individuals that can be found, we will be more than happy to publish interviews with them even if they do not have a direct link to Cambridge sports.


College Reporting

Responsible for covering Cuppers’ events. Once again, most college sports teams write excruciatingly detailed match reports. Your job is to collate them and make them concise.


Varsity and Live reporting

The team is responsible for the promotion and coverage of all Varsity matches that involve Cambridge sports teams. This may include promo videos, Varsity promotion, team announcement articles and live coverage of Varsities and major sporting events (BUCS, Cuppers finals etc.) once again this will involve working with publicity secretaries from Cambridge’s sports teams.