The Hawks’ Event is the annual summer event organized by the Hawks’ Committee and is held on the Friday of May Week. It is the highlight of the year for many and attracts over 800 guests. In recent years, the Hawks’ Event has been held at Fenner’s.


For more information, please see the below description for the 2022 Hawks’ Event:

For one legendary evening in June, a classic cocktail of bangers, bouncy castles, bottomless drinks, free food and the biggest names in Cambridge are mixed to bring the highlight of the year.

The tradition of kicking off May Week at Fenner’s Cricket Ground will live long in the memory of many sporting alumni. Hawks, Ospreys and other sporting elites take a well-deserved break from their rigorous athletic training regimes to come together for one night only to celebrate a year of success on and off the field.

Whether it be drinking Tomahawk from a pineapple, getting your groove on in your black tie, or simply winding down post-exams, The Hawks’ Event will never disappoint. Described as the ‘loosest’ event in Cambridge, the two year hiatus means that the 2022 Hawks’ Event will certainly live up to the hype.

Dress code: Black tie and Blazers