President’s Welcome

Sebastian Tullie (Emmanuel | CURUFC)

President 2017-2018

My first visit to the Hawks’ Clubhouse was for one of the infamous ‘steak nights’ early in Michaelmas of my fresher year. That first experience was a mere scratch-of-the-surface of a place I now feel is imbedded in the fabric of my university experience. Surrounded by photos of ages past it’s impossible not to be inspired by the teams and sportsmen that have gone before, or be excited by what is yet to come in the world of Cambridge sport.

In assuming the role of Hawks’ Club President for this forthcoming year, my committee and I hope to play a small part in building that future, cherishing the values and quirks of the Club as we look to build on the foundations laid by many a committee before us. It looks promising that this year will see the introduction of the Ospreys’ Club having access to the clubhouse, providing a central social space that they have lacked for too long. The clubhouse will also celebrate its 25th year in existence and – amongst the expansion of the events calendar – this is no doubt a celebration to watch out for. We also look forward to a number of other new initiatives, chief among them a project to enable our smaller clubs greater access to the training and playing facilities that they have previously wanted but not been fortunate enough to access. I hope this will be yet another reason for this historic Club to continue to expand its membership base across the full range of Cambridge sports.

I will not attempt to describe the huge privilege I feel as the Club President for the coming year as words will no doubt fall hopelessly short. Instead, I look forward to sharing memories and experiences of the Club in times to come, as was done so memorably at the recent House of Lords Event. In the meantime, and throughout the year, please do contact me with any questions, comments or queries. With a dynamic year ahead there should also be a huge amount to stay up-to-date with on Facebook  and Twitter .

Sebastian Tullie
Hawks’ President 2017-18
Emmanuel | CURUFC

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