President’s Welcome

Michael Phillips (Emmanuel | CURUFC)

President 2018-2019

Before arriving at Cambridge I had little idea of the significance of the varsity matches or the Oxbridge rivalry, let alone our illustrious Club. One of my first and most special memories of our Clubhouse came at the end of my first term in Cambridge. It was sat in the bar at Hawks’ on that rainy November night, celebrating a rare LXs Varsity Match victory and first win in 11 for a close friend of mine, that it dawned on me how special sport at Cambridge is.

Over the past four years I’ve been very lucky; part of three victorious CURUFC teams. I know how special it is to beat the Dark Blues, however the people I’ve met and the friends I’ve made along the way made the experience so much more special. Our Clubhouse has been the setting for many a treasured memory on this journey, and as a result the Hawks’ Club holds a special place in my heart. This is one of many reasons it is a pleasure to be your President for the year ahead.

Reflecting on the past four years its become apparent how wonderfully lucky we all are to have a Clubhouse where we can share in each other’s success, reminisce about past glories or just catch up with friends and teammates over a burger and pint of Tomahawk. Welcoming The Ospreys into our Clubhouse and allowing them to share this special, unique place is a central goal of mine for the year ahead. It’s time to, hopefully, begin a new and exciting chapter for our Clubhouse.

With a number of Committee stalwarts graduating last summer and the departure of Andy Evans, the Manager, this year presents a challenge to my Committee and I as we build upon the work of past committees; however this is also an opportunity to bring about some exciting new changes to the Club.

In the year ahead I aim to re-invigorate HOATS, increase transparency between the Committees and Members, increase the opportunity for the Members to influence the Club’s direction, expand the sports covered by our membership and deliver a range of events, including the H&O charity ball; an access event at the Varsity Match; a corporate and Members’ event at the Boat Race; the annual Charitable Trust Lecture and the ever popular Hawks’ Event. I will also be working hard behind closed doors to restructure some aspects of the Club and improve the Hawks’ financial position, primarily by expanding our current range of sponsors through exploring Cambridge-based businesses.

It is an honour to be called the President of our illustrious Club. Walking through the doors of the Clubhouse, I am always reminded of the Club’s heritage and it’s distinguished members; the immense history of sporting excellence is one of a kind and it is an honour to represent every Member, whether they’ve achieved international honours or second team colours. My own personal love of the Club makes it even more of an honour, and I will do all I can to take the Club forward in the year ahead.

I look forward to meeting many of you over this coming year, and sharing in your experiences and sporting successes. I welcome your thoughts and feedback, so throughout the year please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or queries.


Mike Phillips
Hawks’ President 2018-19
Emmanuel | CURUFC

Page last modified: 26 September 2018